Agenda Day 2

WCPC Day 2

Assessment and Documentation

  • Define the fundamental elements of a holistic evaluation of the patient with an open wound
  • List the key components of a thorough wound assessment and recommendations for accurate documentation


  • Discuss nutritional factors and the underlying deficiencies that impact wound healing
  • Employ strategies to improve a patient’s wound healing with protein supplements, vitamins, minerals, and alternate feeding methods

Assessment and Management of Bioburden

  • Recognize common skin and soft tissue infections
  • Identify clinical and laboratory techniques for evaluating wounds for infection

Hyperbaric Oxygen

  • Evaluate the use of HBOT therapy in chronic wound care
  • Describe the primary goals, therapeutic uses, and contraindications of HBOT


  • Summarize psychological considerations on wound healing including pain, immobility, cognition, learning style, palliative care, family support system, and adherence
  • Relate the psychosocial and cognitive aspects to patient outcomes in wound repair



  • Define the spectrum of debridement (i.e., surgical/sharp, chemical, mechanical, biological, autolysis) modalities and their appropriate selection based on wound characteristics and patient conditions
  • Determine the appropriate time course for debridement

Topical Management

  • Describe various topical therapeutic interventions, including cleansing solutions and standard and advanced dressings
  • Compare and contrast the various categories of wound care dressings and the various functions of each

Biophysical Agents

  • Describe complementary/adjunctive electrotherapeutic interventions that facilitate wound healing
  • Review the use of electrical stimulation, high- and low-frequency ultrasound, negative pressure therapy, light therapy, and pulsed lavage with suction in treatment of open wounds

Test-Taking Strategies

Engage in a highly interactive review of the course content, using multiple-choice questions and photographs of different types of wounds for process questions and answers

Practice Exams and Wrap-Up