Why Healthcare, Sales & Marketing Professionals Attend

If You’re Not Getting Certified, Your Competition Will Be.

Your sales team does not need to be clinicians or nurses, but having the Certified Wound Care Associate (CWCA®) board certification can demonstrate a distinct and specialized knowledge in wound management when calling on clinical clients.

The Wound Certification Prep Course can lead your sales team to success by arming them with the most advanced, comprehensive review of wound management.

Taught by a top-flight team of nationally recognized ABWM-certified wound care educators, this in-depth, two-day sales training program will help your sales representatives:

  • PREPARE for their CWCA® certification exams
  • GAIN a deeper understanding of wound care
  • ENHANCE their competitive edge as a CWCA® that can lead to increased sales
  • ELEVATE their status as a specialist in wound care
  • COOPERATE and EXCHANGE resources with disciplines and organizations involved in wound care
  • DEMONSTRATE a distinct and specialized knowledge in wound care and wound healing


Why Do Our Alumni Perform So Well?

Simply put, the Wound Certification Prep Course is specifically designed to prepare them for these exams! Our content is deeply rooted in the areas of wound management that are covered in the CWCA® certification exam. As a result, our industry alumni approach their exams with confidence and are prepared and poised for success, making the Wound Certification Prep Course a valuable investment. 

Here are some more impressive stats polled from recent post-course alumni surveys:

  • 99% said the course increased their confidence
  • 98% said the course increased their competence
  • 98% said the course increased their knowledge
  • 99% said the course met their educational needs
  • 92% rated the faculty’s knowledge and expertise as excellent
  • 99% said they would refer the course to a friend or colleague
  • 75% intend to make changes to their practice

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